David Bossie: America needs 4 more years of Trump — Biden is a failed career politician

Vote “no” on Biden’s dark winter. Vote “yes” for Trump’s bright future and save the American Dream.

President Trump, the ultimate political outsider, has kept his promises to the American people and deserves four more years in the White House.

Against all odds, this president has delivered huge results despite relentless, hostile opposition from the liberal media, Big Tech, academia and the deep state.

Never before in history have the entrenched elites treated a duly elected president so poorly. Their shameful behavior is proof-positive that Trump the conservative reformer is a threat to the failed status quo the left has worked hard to create.


President Trump is patriotic, tough and will never be deterred from fighting for the people and the country he loves by always putting America first. This president believes our best days are yet to come.

By contrast, Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden — a failed pessimistic career politician — thinks we’re heading into a dark winter.  

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This election will determine who we are as a country. President Trump — a historic figure — had the courage to put his comfortable life in the private sector on hold to stand up to the unhinged forces on the left that are plotting to fundamentally transform our country into something history has taught us doesn’t work.

The left didn’t count on President Trump. Without this president standing tall in the breach, the radicals would have trampled over the Constitution and the rule of law to achieve their deranged socialist utopia. The American people must not let that happen, because the radicals are still plotting. America needs four more years of Trump and his spine of steel.

President Trump delivered on historic tax relief and regulation cuts that paved the way for the greatest economy and strongest middle class in American history. The president’s pro-growth economic program drove the unemployment rate down to 3.5 percent nationally — a 50-year low— and to the lowest levels of all time in the African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American communities.

President Trump believes in hope, growth, and opportunity for all Americans — and his policies are making it happen.

This president has kept his pledge to fight for the forgotten men and women in our country. Joe Biden, on the other hand, would take us back to the Obama-Biden administration’s policies that sent manufacturing jobs overseas.Biden’s ridiculous charge that President Trump’s policies caused our economic crisis begs credulity. China and the coronavirus that originated there are responsible for the downturn — and Biden knows it. He just has a bad habit of covering for the Communist Chinese.

President Trump believes in hope, growth, and opportunity for all Americans — and his policies are making it happen.

Even in the face of the COVID-19-induced shutdown, the Trump economy is so fundamentally strong that the unemployment rate is already down to 7.9% after hitting a peak of 14.7% in April.

And the recent announcement that our gross domestic product rose by a record 33.1% in the third quarter makes it clear our economy is reentering stratospheric pre-COVID heights, due to President Trump’s leadership and courage. We are in the midst of the Great American Comeback; changing direction now would be an enormously consequential mistake.

The Chinese coronavirus came here without warning in the middle of our election season. President Trump led from the beginning to protect the American people. He forged the greatest national mobilization our country has seen since World War II.

President Trump stopped most travel from China and Europe. He made sure there were always enough hospital beds, personal protective equipment and ventilators available for the American people. And he put politics aside to work with Democratic governors who have brutally attacked him at every turn for the better part of four years.

The president then created Operation Warp Speed to develop therapeutics and a vaccine at a record pace.

President Trump wants to defeat COVID-19 and create the greatest economy in American history — again. Joe Biden on the other hand, has plans to use the virus and the fear associated with it to turn us into a socialist nation, complete with state-run media and no constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

President Trump has demonstrated from the very beginning that he’s a fierce advocate for America on the world stage and will never apologize for the greatest country on Earth.

Due to this president’s peace-through-strength foreign policy, America once again has the greatest and best-equipped military in the world.

Furthermore, this president has kept his promise to stop being the world’s policeman. America has not gotten into any costly, never-ending wars on Donald Trump’s watch. Conversely, Biden wants voters to forget his support for the Iraq War that we’re still managing 17 years later.    

Former Obama-Biden Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said that Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy decision for four decades. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin know this all too well. Xi and Putin are salivating over the prospect of having a wobbly and compromised politician like Biden in power.

Americans need Donald Trump to fight for American interests around the globe.

President Trump is beholden to no one. He makes his decisions based on what’s best for America and its hardworking taxpayers.

Biden has made it abundantly clear that’s he’s too weak to stand up to the radical left-wing forces in his party. Statements by him and vice-presidential running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., about police and law and order are deeply troubling.

Americans know that a Biden administration wouldn't stand with police — and that’s precisely the reason most police unions have thrown their support to President Trump.


With Biden and Harris running the show, police and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency officers would be ordered to stand down, sanctuary cities would stand up, and the president’s highly successful border wall would come down.

President Trump will always fund our police and always prioritize American citizens over illegal immigrants. America needs President Trump for law and order and security.

Imagine what President Trump will accomplish in four more years with no deep-state spying, partisan special counsels, or phony impeachment witch hunts.


Policies matter, and President Trump’s policies are right for America. He stands for individual liberty, the Constitution, law and order, free-market capitalism, national security and American exceptionalism.

Vote “no” on Biden’s dark winter. Vote “yes” for Trump’s bright future and save the American Dream.